About History Skips

This Project has been conceived on the Land of the Kulin Nation whose sovereignty has never been ceded. It is driven out of deep respect, empathy and deferral to this sovereignty. It is an engagement with continuing colonial disposession and violence imparted on the Sovereign Indigenous peoples of Australia

“The signs and texts, particularly maps and cartography, which have been employed to illustrate and visualize this ‘geography’ – the space of geopolitics – have always been social and political instruments of power in the division of space.”- Ansi Paasi 1996

The History Skips project aims to acknowledge the Violent colonial usurpation of sovereign indigenous lands. The namesakes of our cities have been attributed to men of horrendous character and violent action and inaction - we understand this as one thing among many to be addressed if "Australia" is to ever occurr.

We acknowledge and own that there may be mistakes in our approach and we are open to all feedback and criticism, and to any who want to travel this road with us. You can contact us at historyskips{at}